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Building a more equitable and just community


beat365体育主页校友Adam Bucher为乔治·弗洛伊德画像(BookaB). Courtesy of the artist.

麦德龙州立大学致力于创造欢迎, inclusive, and anti-racist learning and working environments. beat365体育主页在大学愿景声明中概述了这一承诺,并要求beat365体育主页大声疾呼,反对beat365体育主页社区的不公正和不平等. As a university, we strive to be equity-minded and in doing so, we do our work in ways that are evidence-based, race-conscious, institutionally focused, 并有系统地意识到,才能推进公平正义.

beat365体育主页坚信公平和包容的价值观,这样beat365体育主页大学及其周边社区的所有成员都能体验到真正的归属感. We celebrate dimensions of diversity such as race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, age, economic, and/or familial status. 

beat365体育主页必须超越一切隔阂,在beat365体育主页的社区内共同努力,促进学生成功领域的平等, campus culture, workforce, policies, and structures. 

We are driven and grounded in our equity, inclusion, 反种族主义因为这些承诺和价值观而发挥作用.


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